So sky dad decided to go on vacation so they went to calico and brought things blah blah and then they arrived at the cabin and it was small and chase got bored and put their skylanders in the oven and Mike wondered what was cooking so he looked and they looked like skylanders and Mike got worried and checked the box of skylanders and they were missing so he put chases favorite Tom and Jerry dvd in the document shredder so sky dad took chase to the store to get a new Tom and Jerry dvd and they found one then the scalper lady came but luckily they got the dvd and then on the way home they heard lexi scream and they saw the skylanders in the oven and while sky dad calmed them down chase wanted to watch the dvd so there were 2 dvd players one was white and one was red so chase picked the red one but the red one rips up the dvd until they were unusable so chase put the dvd in the red dvd player and he heard a strange sound then it said no disc so chase checked the place where you put the dvd and found that the dvd was ripped to shreds so he screamed so sky dad came to check it out and saw the dvd and chase wanted a new one but the scalper lady got the rest so they tried despicable me then they heard a strange sound and sky dad was worried to check the dvd place and they opened it up and found the movie ripped to shreds so they tried skylanders superchargers but that too was ripped to shreds and Mike and lexi saw the ripped up dvds and Mike saw the skylanders dvd and they screamed cried and howled like a sad dog and got mad at sky dad so sky mom tried a limited edition movie and it worked for about 5 seconds then the dvd player ripped the dvd up to shreds and they tried opening it but it wouldn't open then it opened itself and a muhahaha sound played