Christopher was going to go to McDonalds, but he chose not to because towel.exe. He went to Burger King, got a meal and went home. Christopher received a cd in his meal so he put it into the computer and played. You can play as the classic characters such as leokimvideo, konas2002, Disney car toys, epic review guys, and new charters such as fizzy toy show, skylanderboyandgirl, everyone from planet Dolan, logdotzip, santa, evantube, Donald Trump, anyone from fnaf, anyone from undertale, yo momma (both channel and your mom), Rhett and Link, and anyone from bedfellows. They also have special powers.

Fizzy toy show can open a surprise box (only 4 boxes a level) and it will have a toy to help out.

Leokimvideo can smash things with a hammer.

Konas2002 can be annoying.

Disney car toys can throw exploding toy cars.

Epic review guys can review a toy.

Skylander boy and girl can scream very loudly and kill everyone on screen, but watch out! If you scream too much, you will have to eat a Carolina reaper!

Planet Dolan charters can jump ever so slightly higher

Log dot zip can force an enemy to play minecraft (attack has to recharge)

Santa can give the enemies coal

Evantube can make a gross milkshake

Donald Trump can throw money

Fnaf charters can jumpscare the enemies

Undertale charters can break the enemy's heart

Yo momma (channel) can tell yo momma jokes to the enemies

Yo momma (your mom) can fall in pits easier