Mom's adventure!! 


1. Cheese and crackers

2. Fire kit


4. Water flask

5. Artpad and pencils

6. Random baby

7. Anti Flashlight/flashnight

8. Big ass boots

9. Google glass

10. Stop watch

One day, mom got stranded on the desert because she was dumb that day. Good thing she brought stuff. She filled her water flask somehow. To get the water, she traded her random baby for water. She found a cactus so she ate it. Mickey mouse came and took her big ass boots! Oh no! She dug a big hole in the sand for a home and started eating her cheese and crackers. All she had was 2 crackers and 1 cheese stick. It's gone now. She started drawing a random goat and when she was done she took a nap. When she woke up, mickey mouse broke all her pencils and ripped the paper out of the art pad. She went outside and tested out her flash night, but Mickey mouse took the batteries out. She went to go inside but Mickey mouse put her fire kit on top of a really tall cactus. She used her ladder to get it. Suddenly, the ladder toppled over. At least she got that fire kit! She used it to make fire, but Mickey mouse poured water on the fire kit. She still made fire. She used her Google glass to record a video of the fire. Unfortunately, she dropped it into the burning fire and destroyed it. That's sad. Mickey mouse came and poked a hole in her water flask. That's also sad. Luckily, she fixed it! She drank the water. She took the paper from her art pad and sat on the edge of a cliff. She made paper airplanes and threw them. Unfortunately, she dropped her stop watch down the cliff. She watched in horror as the stop watch broke. She wished she had some hash right now!