There is a made up YouTube channel called Lewis Productions. He is overly dramatic and screams wnen the slightest thing goes wrong. I will tell you about the videos.

Video 1:

In this video, he downloads minecraft on the Wii U. He screams for his freind, Jake. He comes and they played minecraft. Lewis did not know about the icon on the bottom right that lets you play multiplayer. Lewis started a new world called "PooPoo Fun Land!" Lewis started the game and Jake started the pro controller. When jake pressed start, an error appeared saying that you can't play multiplayer with the game being displayed on the Gamepad. How you fix it is that you press an icon on the bottom right and it will display a grass block and you can play, but Lewis did not know this. When Jake saw the error, he put on headphone like earmuffs that block sound. Lewis screams and midway through the scream, the microphone broke. The audio cuts out and you can hear a long, low, quiet beep before the sound goes off. They got a spare camera to film them trying to fix the camera. The screen is displaying an image showing a microphone with an big red X on it. This meant that the microphone is broken. Probably because Lewis screamed really loudly into the microphone. Jake thought that it was running low on batteries so they charged it and then a picture of their clock appears followed by a looping tick tock sound for five seconds. After the five seconds, they set up the other camera and the microphone with the big red X on it appeared. They pressed OK to dismiss the warning and they filmed a short clip of Lewis saying "Testing testing! 1 2 3!" After that, they checked the footage. Jake was a little worried and they played the clip. No sound could be heard on the clip, then Lewis screamed. Luckily, the spare camera did not break.