One day, Jacobs mom and dad ordered some sugar free gummy bears for Jacob. They waited 2 days to get there. When the package arrived, Jacob was very excited!. He pulled out the bag of colorful gummy bears, opened the bag, and ate half of the bag. Boy was that a mistake! Later that night, Jacob's stomach felt upset. He then discovered that he had diarrhea! He went to the bathroom to get rid of the brown liquid. He went to his bed and slept. Somewhere around 2:30 a.m., the bed felt warm and wet. He looked under the covers and liquid poop was all over the bed! He went to the bathroom, changed underwear, and this time, he would sleep on the couch in the living room. He could not go to sleep. He watched a bunch of YouTube videos. He tried to let out what seemed to be just a fart, but was more than meets the butt. Hot sludge poured down his underwear and onto the couch. He got changed, went to the bathroom and all that stuff. He went back to the couch and suddenly, a large stream of warm, brown liquid came from his butt. He could not stop it. It was getting on the wall, on the furniture, and on the tv. This lasted for about a minute before it stopped. Poop was everywhere, on the floor, on the walls, and more! He changed underwear and woke up his mom and dad to clean it up. They got up and when they saw the living room, Jacob's mom screamed!. They spent hours cleaning it up. They got done around 3:17 a.m. Jacob pooped on the floor again and his parents cleaned it up. They also had to clean Jacob's bed too. Jacob changed underwear and went to sleep. Jacob's dad came out of the bedroom and saw him pooping on the couch. His dad yelled "Jacob! No!" Jacob woke up in a puddle of hot, brown liquid. He changed underwear and the couch was cleaned. He went back to sleep and woke up 5 minutes later. When he woke up, there was poop everywhere. He woke up dad and he cleaned it up. Jacob got changed, but this time, his dad made him sleep on the toilet. Jacob went to sleep until morning. While he was sleeping, he fell off the toilet. When they all woke up, there was a giant puddle of poop and it got on the stairs and went down to the living room. Jacob's dad cleaned it all up and had breakfast, but nobody wanted to eat because it smelled so rancid. Jacob's dad got air freshening spray and sprayed across the house. They ate eggs and bacon. Jacob's diarrhea was gone, the house is clean and everyone is happy

The end