One day Evan and Jill wanted to make gummies. They got out the gummy maker and they picked lemon. Then they got 4 packets of non flavored gummy mix and poured the ingredients in the bowl. Then they added water and waited for it to cook and while they were waiting they played minecraft. Unfortunately they played for too long and forgot about the lemon gummy mix. They smelled lemon and they checked on the gummy mix. They saw that it was burnt and then they picked up the pot and slowly poured the mix into the molds. Then Evan said "These are going to be yummy!" Five minutes passed and they got the gummy treats out. They smelled like fresh lemon pie that was a little burnt. Jill grabbed a fresh gummy worm then she tasted it and said "Yuck!" Then Evan said "They can't be that bad!" Then he tasted a gummy bear then ran to the sink and spit it out quickly. Then they cleaned out the pot and made another batch. This time it was lime. Then they played angry birds rio. They stopped playing at the right time. This time it wasn't burnt so Jill grabbed the pot and spilled it all over the floor. Then Evan said "Oh no!"